Thursday, March 03, 2005

Things They Never Tell You At Parent School

No. 23 That someday your son is going to come to you with a photo in his hand and say, "Mom? Could you please explain this picture to me?"

FYI: That is a crocheted pillow I'm holding.


  1. Ohmigod, I love that picture!! You're so cute!!!

    What the fuck are you doing?

  2. I'm showing off a fine example of American handcrafts, Grace! :p

  3. Three questions.
    1. Where was this taken?
    2. When was this taken?
    3. This resembles nothing that your grandmother would have crocheted. Who did?

  4. OMG, was that really your mom? I hope so, I do.
    And I Grace has telepathy--the first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Oy, it's Krup! Look how cute she is!" Then of course, my second thought was, "What the hell?"

  5. Yes, that is my mom. :) She e-mailed me those questions, and I told her she should post them, because they were so funny!

    And y'all are making me blush! :o

  6. Dude. Your mom reads your blog? That is SO cool.

    I think the glasses are part of what makes you so cute in that picture.

  7. Gilbert Pastor8:14 PM

    I think I may have met you that weekend in Chicago, but I don't remember the pillow.