Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Slice o' Life

John has been amazingly grown-up and polite lately. "Mom! When you walked through the sun in the sunset like that, you looked absolutely beautiful!" "Mom, you are the best cook ever. This red soup is the best I've ever had it." "Mom, could you please hand me my library books? Thank you thank you thank you!"

The other shoe fell this evening as I was trying to get Maia into the bath. I really had to pee, so I set Maia up with some toothpaste (Tom's Wintermint, which tastes so good it makes me want to eat it) and a toothbrush and sat myself down.

Right into a big ol' puddle of someone else's pee.

I hollered and yelled. John ran into the bathroom right to see what Scary Mama was doing just as I was trying to slam the door (since, you know, I had no pants on). As the door was closing on his face, I heard him say as nice as pie: "Gee, Mom, I apologize! I'm so, so sorry that happened!"

Matt, later: "Aren't you glad we have a boy?"

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