Friday, March 04, 2005

The Magic Is Gone

At the risk of taking away the mystery and thus the magic of that photo, here's some info about it, prompted by questions from Mom:

That photo was taken in October of 1991, when I was 20. It was taken in Chicago. The pillow, alas, does not belong to me. Supposedly it was crocheted by someone's grandmother, and according to the story, said grandmother didn't realize what the pillow resembled until she had finished (I don't buy it, myself).

What I can't believe is that I haven't gotten any comments on my GLASSES!

Oh, and as far as what I told John? "Mama was acting very silly that day. I think I'm just going to put that photo over here now."


  1. We're not commenting on the glasses because *ahem* we ALL WORE THE SAME ONES. Not me, but, you know, everybody else.

  2. LOL. What Gosling said, EXACTLY. The actual thought that went through my head was, "Wow. Krup had gigantic glasses, too!"

  3. mshelios1:02 PM

    I had those glasses through, like 1995 or something. In ten years my hipster rectangles will likely look as silly.

    Especially if I can get a pic taken with giant crochet bosems! :)