Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's Pouring

Here's a little potty humor to make you laugh this morning:

John: I have to go to the bathroom.

Me: Well, you know where it is.

John: When I go in there, I want you to listen.

Me: Um?

John: Yeah. When I in there, and go potty, I'm going to pee for the longest time ever. I mean, this is going to be just the biggest pee that I've ever had. Maybe ever. It's just going to go on for so long! I'm just going to pee and pee! And you need to hear it because it's going to be so long!

Me: Uh, OK.

John: I'm going to go in there now! So you better start listening! It's going to be the biggest pee ever!

Me: Dude, just take care of it.

John goes into the bathroom and does his thing. For approximately four seconds.

John: AW! I thought that was going to go on much longer than it did. I wonder what happened.

Me (thinking):Since when did my six-year-old turn into a sophomore frat boy?

1 comment:

  1. Ahahahhaaaaaa.
    Oh, you'll love this: Today the Boy is talking about putting his name on something, and I'm only halfway listening (bad me) and all of a sudden he says, "Yeah, but I'll tell them to call me John." "Huh?" I say, "You want them to call you John?" "Yes, because that is my real name." "Huuhh?" I say. "Yes!" he huffs, "My real name in the middle!" And then I remember that, well, duh. So it is. Only it's in French--it's *Jean*-Pierre, and I never even thought of it. LOL.