Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Happy Feet

I can't decide which is more exciting. My new pair of boots:

Or my new pair of clogs, which, unfortunately, does not have an online picture.

One pair is rated to -148 degrees. One pair is made up the road. I haven't had a new pair of boots since I was a sophomore in college. I haven't had a new pair of clogs since Maia was born.

Also, I found at that the place I get my clogs is clog-maker to the stars! Word is that Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman get their clogs at the same place I do.

Just a few tidbits about my feet, which are size 10 W in women's and 8 regular in men's and 42 in Swedish clog.


  1. I would send you the wicked shoe e-card that I sent Trisha if you would ever *email me*!! How am I supposed to do a good job as a stalker if you don't give me some crappy hotmail address to send random stupid ecards to? Dang, woman.
    You are going to have to take a dig photo of the clogs, then. I love the idea of your clogs hanging out with the celebrity clogs. If clogs could talk...

  2. Swedish clog. OMG they still exist. *shudder* I thought they went out of fashion in the late 70s.

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  4. NO. WAY. I kid you not, I purchased those same inkeeeee booooots this past fall. (Did you get yours on sale at REI?) In fact, I know for a fact that the reason it hasn't snowed much this winter is that I bought boots that come up to my knees and could keep me warm and toasty in a 199-below-zero blizzard. Have to admit, I feel a little sheepish out there shoveling half an inch in my Arctic boots... looking forward to tromping around in Friday's upcoming blizzard.

  5. Ethelred: NO. WAY. Matt bought me these boots at Duluth Surplus on mega-sale. I LOVE them. There was about three feet of snow on the ground there this weekend, so I put on my boots and stood in a snowdrift and beamed.

    Catarina -- Swedish clogs are REQUIRED footwear in this area. REQUIRED. :p

  6. [cool boots, BTW]

    But a motion from the REI defense: did I sense some anti-REI sentiment in "No. Way."? If I did, I would find that surprising considering that REI is the only outdoor/rec. equipment *co-op* I'm aware of. So buying boots there is like buying Arco Coffee, or baked beans from the Co-Op store down the street from your grandma's house (my grandma, at least, used to shop at a farmer's co-op store in Kettle River, MN).

    Just got my REI dividend in the mail the other day, in fact, so I'm excited to spend my share of my co-op's profits on the annual birthday present to myself. Maybe because I now have slight boot envy, I'll have to check out their selection... But I've always thought if I ever replace my trusty Sorels, it will be with Steger mukluks from Ely. Now *those* are boots. =)

  7. Kris, if I may speak for Krup (and myself)... this is one of those cases where you can't hear tone and inflection in e-mail. I believe the "No. Way." was referring to the odd coincidence of us both buying the EXACT SAME BOOTS rather than to the places we purchased said boots.

    That said, I shop at REI because it's close to my house and they have great stuff, but now I feel all noble and liberal about shopping there. :-)

    Krupskaya, we will get to wear our boots tomorrow and our feet will be as warm and toasty as if we had them propped up in front of a fireplace! Almost makes me want to start shoveling RIGHT NOW. (Almost.)