Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Delayed Reaction

I got back from my trip on Sunday night, and (you might have noticed) I haven't blogged since. The trip, frankly, drained me -- meeting new people takes a lot of energy on my part, and three days of constant "new" people had me to some extent on my guard, internally. But it was energizing, too, the way it must be for runners who finish a marathon -- a hell of a lot of work, but exhilerating.

I learned so much about these people I've known only online for, in some cases, five years. I've added faces and voices and gestures and laughter to the words on a screen. What is "Hee!" or "Meh" online is so much more in real life. A hard admission, for someone who deals in words.

Here's who I met:

Sass, Frog, Grace, Delanybird, Emilin, and Stresch.

I met some others, but they don't have blogs, but they were just as cool. I would like to publicly apologize to Delanybird to whom, upon introducing herself, I promptly said "No!" That was pretty rude.

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