Thursday, February 24, 2005

No Alternative

Scene: I'm driving John home from school.

Topic of conversation: Importing goods from China -- you know, the usual stuff you talk about with your kindergartner.

John: So, if buying things from China means you don't always know what someone got paid or how they were treated when they made it, then how come sometimes we still do it?

Me: Well, there are still a lot of things in China that aren't made anywhere else.

John: Really? Like what?

Me: Well, it's hard to find a radio that's built here. It's also hard to find kids' clothes made here. So on things like that, there's just no alternative. Do you know what an alternative is?

John: Alternative is a salad lunch.

Me: ' ' ' (those are suprise lines, like you see in print cartoons, coming out of my head)

John: Alternative is a salad lunch. Please rise and face your flag for the Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. I think I'm gonna pee my pants...

  2. That's like the other morning, the Boy crawled into my bed and we both sort of went back to sleep. At some point, he started coughing, and I said, "Do you need a drink of water?" and he said, "Even butterflies have magic. The magic flies off their wings through the air and makes you cough." Okaaaaay.

  3. Ohh, PK, that's like a poem! That's awesome!

    As it turns out, a third grader gets to read the lunch menu and lead the school in the pledge every morning (!!) over the intercom. John was just telling me what he knew -- the alternative (to hot lunch) is a salad lunch, except on the days when the alternative is a sandwich.

  4. I think I just hyperventilated.