Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mommy? Why Does Everybody Have a Bomb?

John (bursting in the office): Mom! MOM! I just heard on the radio that some country, some place I don't remember what it's name is, Elven or Elron or something like that, they just said on the radio that this country has a nuclear bomb.

Me (thinking, Elrond has aquired a nuclear weapon?): Oh my! I bet they were talking about Iran.

John: Yes! Iran!

Me: Do you know what a nuclear bomb is?

John: No.

Me (and yeah, I know it's a device, not a bomb; I'm talking to a six-year-old, here): It's a bomb that can destroy a whole city. Just like that.

John: Oh.

Me: Yeah.

John: Well, Geroge Bush said on the radio that we have to make sure that they don't have a bomb.

Me: Oh?

John: Yeah. Does that mean he's good? George Bush? To make sure Iran doesn't have bombs?

Me: Well, George Bush said Iraq had a nuclear bomb, too, and so we went to war against them, and you know what? It turned out they didn't.

John: Oh.

Me: It's tough -- we have to find out who's telling the truth. Is he saying that just so we can go to war against Iran, or does he really want to solve the problems?

John: Hm. Can I have a snack?


  1. Once again, I have to compliment you on how you are raising your kid, Krup. He is going to be a great citizen.

  2. Yeah. Plus, nice touch with the title. And ooh! New blogger comment format...