Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dr. Freud, Call Your Office

The other night, John wanted to blow out the candles we had on the table at supper. He took the small votive candle, put his face directly over it, and blew as hard as he could.

Fortunately, none of the wax got in his eyes or up his nose. It splattered everywhere, though. It hurt for two seconds, and then he stood patiently while I picked it off. We went up to the bathroom to make sure it was all off, and that his eyes were OK. It was a little bit of excitement, with no massive injuries.

Last night we were driving back from judo when John said, "Mom, I think Dad's a little jealous."

"Um, what?" I said.

"You know," said Oedipus. "That night when I got all that wax all over my face. I think Dad was jealous of all the attention I got."

"What makes you think Dad was jealous?"

He gave me a knowing, sidelong look from the back seat. "I dunno. Just a feeling."

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