Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another Edit Barn Poll

If you've made a cake (just because you've been craving cake), and it turns out kind of crap, do you take it as a sign from the Cake Deities that you are not meant to have cake, or do you believe that the Cake Deities are testing your devotion, and you must remake the cake to achieve the cake you wanted in the first place?

Whoops, the oven's preheated...


  1. Well, to be honest, all my cakes turn out kind of crap. How kind of crap are we talking? Tastes good but can never be seen in public, or tastes like doodoo? And was it going to be German Chocolate? Mmmmm...

  2. I think it means the dog gets one cake, and you need to make a new cake that's fit for human consumption. It's really not satisfactory to leave a job half-done, now is it?

  3. Heh. It was just a "blah" cake. Usually my cakes turn out quite well. Like, let's have another piece of that cake well. Like, "Didn't I make cake yesterday? Is it gone already?" well.

    It was chocolate. I know! A chocolate cake gone bad! Gorm licked it, but I wouldn't let him eat it. Even the frosting was bad. We don't need to speak of it again, though, because Cake No. 2 was AWESOME. Wait, it was just here! *burp*

  4. It means you're supposed to practice your frosting-making skills. Perfect them. Fix the cake with insanely great frosting. And sprinkles.