Thursday, January 06, 2005

More Party Talk

My biggest fear about kids' parties is not the crying or hurt feelings or whining or even the overexcited pants-wetting incident. Pretty big words, of course, for someone who has not dealt with any of those issues during John's parties. But the idea of any or all of those happening don't faze me at all.

What makes me wonder why I'm bothering is the vision of the rich kid coming in (the one who had the all-class-plus-parents Halloween extravaganza) and saying, "This is dumb. I'm bored."

Which isn't exactly fair to him, of course. And I know I'd handle it just fine. But still, when I see him rolling his eyes in my imagination, I run for The List, which I mentioned yesterday. I will reproduce it here, just so there's another copy in case the one absents itself from my possession, causing me to seriously consider going back on a pretty-colored pill with a relaxing name.

* * * * *
15 minutes -- make party bags.

String hunt
(shooting star tail? string?)

Stars and straw race
(bowls? or something? straws)

Shoot the moon
little space ships

Magic planets
six planets -- red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple. squares?

Concentration draw
"make map of space"

Magic package and "hot" piece

Presents, cake and ice cream
* * * * *
Hmmm. According to my notes from last year, every game lasted about 10 minutes. On paper, that list looks like it'll last about two hours. On screen, it doesn't look like that so much.


  1. Oh.. kids' parties. I only get brave enough about once every other year.. sometimes every second year. Last year we didn't do them, the year before each kid got one.

    I thought that my oldest's would be the 'easy' one.. a slumber party. I thought how hard could it be? She was then in fourth grade.

    I had this thought that a girl's slumber party would be spent primarily in her room, after pigging out on pizza and junk etc.. well noooooo.

    It turned into two hours of karaoke in which they dragged me into it. And then the fights started.. the younger girls feeling left out of the older girls.. and this one made fun of that one.. and catty stuff. And who knew that 7 little girls can devour $60 worth of Pizza and $15 worth of soda in two hours?????

    And where was the slumber part???

    She is about to turn 12 this month.. and wants a party... ugh. God help us. I hope yours goes well! I'll be looking for stories here about it!

    Happy Birthday to John!

  2. Oh no. Do not even think it. Rich Kid will have a blast and ask his parents why they don't ever get to have parties in which he can actually *find* his friends without a receiving line.

    Crossing my fingers that the Party Gods smile upon you.