Monday, January 31, 2005

Democracy Victory Mission Accomplished! For Some!

Wasn't it great to see all those Iraqi men voting this weekend? All those lines and lines of men waiting to cast their male votes! I tuned in quite a bit during the day, and seeing all those men willing to stand for hours to exercise their rights was really heartening. It was truly a victory for Iraqi men yesterday, for sure.

By order from the U.S.-backed interim council, one-third of the candidates on the ballot had to be women. If only they'd decreed that kind of participation from the voters. Sadly, it would have been an improvement.


  1. I noticed the absence of women in the voting lines right off, too Krup. Then in a later shot I saw another line of all women... I was thinking it makes sense if they had gender segregated lines and maybe, just maybe the camera crews only shot the men. But I'm probably wrong.

  2. It's funny, though -- I've had several people tell me they saw only footage of women voting, or segregated voting, or that women in general were for sure voting. So I guess I may have gone off, ahem, half-cocked.

  3. The report from Chris Alliburton ( he saw "a lot of women" at the few polling places he went to (overwhelmingly Shi'ite). Interestingly, he notes that while most of the men are voting for Sistani's ticket, a "significant portion" of the women were voting for Allawi's ticket because they're worried about the influence of the religious parties on Sistani's.

    I'm not that knowledgeable about the tickets/ parties running, but I'm taking it as a good sign that the women are feeling free to not only vote, but vote their own minds.