Friday, December 17, 2004

X-Files Episode #239: Krup's Sock Drawer

So I'm getting all my pre-second-interview jitters out by laying out my wardrobe for this afternoon (3:30 p.m., to be exact). I'm at the bookstore today, so I'll leave a little early, fly back here and change, and head down to Mpls.

I'm standing at my chest of drawers pulling out black knee-high stockings. So far I've pulled out six and haven't found a match. SIX! How is that even possible? Seriously? Six different shades of black. Six different lengths. Some matte. Some sheer. Some patterened, some plain. None a decent match.


  1. Hey! I was wondering how the interview with Darth Vader went...
    Break a leg! (Then you'll only need one sock anyway...)

  2. It's a well known fact that black dress socks have an abnormally high genetic mutation rate, whereby left alone in a dark drawer for too long, they spontaneously change pattern, weave and heft for no f*ng reason whatsoever. Leaving you with 12 totally unique mutated singletons and not the 6 perfectly matched pair you originally stuck in there.

    Really, they'd make most excellent replacements for fruit flies and genetically altered mice in biochemical research projects.

  3. And that's the reason why I only wear pants that are too long so that no sock will show, only the tip of the shoe.
    Well that and the fact that I'm very short and never have the time to do a new hem on my pants...

  4. I thought it went very well, but I've thought that before and then didn't get the job. So I'm keeping my hopes down. :)