Thursday, December 23, 2004

False Advertising

I didn't get the job.

The HR person called me yesterday to say they were "wrapping up" the whole hiring project (yes, yes?) and that everyone did outstandingly well on the test (YES? YES?), and that they'd decided to hire someone else.

Someone who had the book experience they'd been looking for.

"Oh," I said. "OK."

I'm disappointed with my reaction. What I wish I had said was, "Book experience? I beg your pardon, this is the first I've heard of that. That wasn't mentioned in the ad, nor was it brought up in the two interviews I had at your office. I wish that had been mentioned earlier, because I certainly would have pushed the book experience I do have, as well as offered to talk about the book experience I have, had I been asked. Since we talked all about project editing and marketing editing, that's what I thought you wanted to hear about from my side."

But I didn't.


  1. Bastards!
    I'm sorry Krup, that stinks.

  2. Thanks, PK. Not only that, but Aunt Flo has decided to show up for Christmas, too, two weeks early. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE! YARGH!

  3. Oh, nice. Nice. You might want to avoid flight paths and construction sites for a few days. I think you're looking at a definite streak there.

  4. I was considering moving a grand piano today...anybody want to lend a hand? :p

  5. I can dig it. Visit me at

  6. Write a letter saying what you just said and stressing your book experience! Then say that if they're looking for someone else, please keep you in mind.