Thursday, November 18, 2004

u i cisen

(Pronounce the "c" hard and you'll know what this is about.)

On the outside, it's innocuous. Those seven letters, painfully sounded out and drawn in marker.

Inside, a picture -- two figures standing together with "i love u" emblazoned overhead.

It's from Sarah. She rides the bus with John. After showing me the note, he stows it in a hidden pocket and we talk a little about it. He says he laughed after he got it. He has a look on his face I've never seen before.

"Can I see it again?" I ask, curious to see the features on the figures.

He hesitates, again with that odd smile, and then I say, "Or maybe you'd rather keep it private a little bit."

His smile turns into a grin. "Yeah. I would."


  1. Wait, I was getting sentimental but then I realized--isn't this when you get to sue for sexual harassment? Forget that job hunt, get with the American Dream: litigation.