Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Two Children

This morning, before the sun rose, Matt crept into Maia's room to say goodbye before he left for work. He leaned over into her crib and whispered that he was sorry that all of his hard work had come to nothing, that this world would continue its careening spiral, and again and again he was sorry.

Still asleep, she popped out her nuk and hollered in her best Maggie Simpson voice: "OH-TAY!"

You are forgiven.


This morning, after the sun rose, I went into John's room to wake him up. My mom had sent him an Electoral College map with donkey and elephant stickers, which as any parent knows is always a big hit. He stayed up for most of the eastern seaboard but then I sent him to bed around 8 p.m.

"John," I said when he was awake, "I have some bad news."


"John Kerry lost. Bush is going to be around for another four years."

John pouted a little and then yawned. He scratched his head and thought for awhile. Then he said, like any good pundit, "Who did Minnesota go for?"


  1. I need to find a way to hang out with John. I like him.

  2. Maggie Simpson talks?

    Where have I BEEN?

    I stopped by because you commented on my blog; you said that you could almost fall in love with someone I was once in love with, and I wanted to thank you: that meant something to me.

    Having read some of the posts on your blog, though, I can safely say that I'll *definitely* be stopping by again. Your household hosts some Very Funny Denizens.

  3. My god, I love this blog.
    Oh, and the awful freaky unknown spooky noise you referred to several months ago (catching up, sorry for being off topic)... Not to ruin a good mystery, but it was probably a coyote or a fox. We've got both in the fields behind our house, and the first time I heard them at 2 a.m., I'd nearly dialed 911 before I was fully awake. They sound horrible.

  4. have you seen the site, that's what the Matt story reminded me of.

    Also, I love that John knows so much about what's going on. I picture them both growing up to be such great citizens.