Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tale of Two Parents

Maia has been waking up at night for the last couple of weeks. There's no particular time she does so; anywhere between 10:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. is fine by her. I can't figure out why, although it's probably just habit by this time. I used to be able to put her down wide-awake and chatty, walk out of her room, and have her asleep in five minutes. Now it's a battle.

She wakes up and screams -- that quickly. It's a furious, tearless scream, more like a holler. For many nights, I was the one to go in to try and get her back down. I tried different things -- lights on, lights off, music (all public radio classical station, all the time), drink of water, crying it out. The only routine that seemed to be any use involved me rocking her for about an hour (I tried to look at it as expanding my knowledge of classical music) and hoping she fell asleep in my arms, then transferring her to her crib as quietly and carefully as a deposit in a Swiss bank account.

Until Matt went in one night.

Here is how Matt handles the situation:

Matt (not picking Maia up): Hey! That's enough crying. Let me sing you a song.

Maia: Oh-tay!

Matt (after singing): Now, Daddy needs to go to bed. It's late, and Maia needs to go to sleep, too. So you're going to lie down now. Okay?

Maia: Oh-tay, Dah-dee. (Lies down.)

Matt: Do you want some music?

Maia: Yeah.

Matt (turns on music): Good night, Maia. I love you.

Maia: Nigh-nigh, Dah-dee. Wuv woo.

(Exit Matt.)

I've tried this approach, and it doesn't work. She won't buy it from me.


  1. This is exactly why single parenting is not on my agenda. EXACTLY.

  2. Matt is moving up again on the Husband of the Year list. :)

  3. He got up TWICE last night to get her back to sleep -- and he's sick! So yay for him. :)