Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Quiet Words

I've been slow with the blogging lately. Much of my energy has been directed elsewhere -- an editing job, getting the house ready for winter, the election. The news cycle is so fast, now, it seems pointless to talk about what's supposed to be news, and I feel like I'm hurtling toward November 2, having done what I could to help Kerry.

I read a story a couple of weeks ago and I wish I had bookmarked it because it was just so amazing, so shockingly dumb and unbelievable, that I found it frightening. It was a story about a Diebold voting machine that was found on a street. Just sitting there, like it had fallen off the back of a truck or placed there by angels.

No one knew where it had come from, including Diebold. They claimed the machine's serial number didn't match any of theirs. Just a voting machine sitting on the road.

Ominous, isn't it?

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