Friday, October 15, 2004

If You Have Something to Say, Say It

A group of women came into the store today and I thought, "Two lattes and a chai tea." I was wrong; they didn't buy a thing. They browsed for awhile and one wanted some help in finding just the right card for someone (she ended up not buying it). After showing her some cards, I went back to pricing a new shipment of stuff from Kheops. Getting a shipment from Kheops is almost as much fun as Christmas -- the huge brown box is full of smaller, anonymous boxes, and since my boss can never remember what she's ordered, it's always fun to find out what's inside.

One of the women saw our display of lawn signs for Kerry and other Democratic candidates. "Do you have any Bush signs?" she asked. I told her no. It's not for lack of trying, though. We're a drop-off for Democratic candidates because the county unit asked if we would. Any time the Republicans want to give us a call, they can.

She laughed. The three women drifted toward the door while I dried some dishes behind the counter. I saw one of them writing something in our guest book at the front door. Then they left.

I finished drying the dishes and then went to look at the guest book.

She had paged into the book a little bit. If I hadn't gone to look, her comment might have stayed hidden for weeks before we got to the page she chose.

Her handwriting looked like an eighth-grade girl's: big and loopy, and I was surprised she didn't dot her i's with hearts or put a smily face under two exclamation points.


The words were surrounded with flouncy hearts and crosses drawn so hard they cut through the paper.

You know what? Fine. But don't make a post and run. Don't bury it and get all "hee hee!" in your heart and think it's going to hurt my feelings OR change my mind, or both. Know, instead, that I feel sorry for you, that you believe in something so strongly, and yet can't defend it to my face.


  1. By her post and how she did this.. sure would seem she's ashamed of who she's voting for almost.

    Her actions are as childish as her handwriting apparently.

  2. What I can't figure out is what's funny about not having any Bush signs.