Monday, October 04, 2004

Conversation With Maia Regarding the Waning Moon

Scene: This morning, after John gets on the bus
Weather: Frosty and clear My part in italics

Moon! Sky!

I see the moon! Beautiful.

Moon! Nighttime.

Yes, usually the moon is out at night. But sometimes you can catch it during the day, too.

Moon. Nighttime AND daytime.

You're right.

(Maia begins jumping and reaching for the moon.)


I imagine it is. Do you want to touch the moon?

Yeah! Maia moon!

(I pick her up. She reaches for the moon.)

It's so far away, no one can touch it. It's too high.

Moon too high.

What would you do if you had the moon? What would you do with it?

Moon Maia.

Would you play with it?


Would you eat it?


Would you wear it on a necklace around your neck?

[ponders} Yes. Moon necklace.

Would you put it in your bed at night when you sleep?

Moon sleeping?

I imagine it does, but I don't know when.

Moon. Bed.


  1. The Moon has become our three year old's passion too. She always has to go look at the moon before bed. She loves the Moon, and she calls stars "Baby suns". :) hehe.

    I love this age!

  2. I love this age, too. Everything they say is like poetry.