Wednesday, September 29, 2004

More on Norm Coleman

From the Star Tribune...

[paraphrased] Norm Coleman, Republican and junior senator from Minnesota, was speaking Tuesday on the Senate floor on an amendment to the National Intelligence Reform Bill. He was listing Minnesota's security challenges, including the Mall of America and the U.S.-Canada border.

He then said, "We have Duluth, which is located on Lake Erie, which is the entryway, the gateway to the Great Lakes."
Gosh, you'd think the senator from Minnesota would know which Great Lake Duluth is on! Oh, that's right -- he's not FROM Minnesota.


  1. No kidding! That man's such an asshat...just keeps getting better and better at it, too!

  2. yeah. i heard that on the radio and i thought "whoops! there goes the northland vote!"

  3. You can see it if you don't believe it!

    Someone tells me how it looks; my Mac won't run the program.