Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Little Grandma

Maia is suddenly a little Jewish grandmother. As I was doing some editing the other day, I heard her messing around in the dog's dish. Then I heard her say gently, "Eat, eat."

I peeked out of the office. She had opened the dog food bin, pulled out a handful, and put it in the dog dish. She was standing next to Gorm, who was lying on the couch we keep in the entryway for the purpose of dog-sleeping. She was patting him and pointing to the bowl: "Eat. Eat!"

He obliged, hoisting himself off the couch and stretching. He ate the food in the dish, much to Maia's delight. Then she started all over again. "Eat, eat."

This isn't the first time I've caught her trying to fatten the dog. Last week she opened the bin and stood there petting Gorm as he wolfed down the food, hardly believing his luck.

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