Thursday, September 09, 2004

Everywhere a Sign

Our friend Joe came by yesterday with not one but TWO 4'x8' Kerry/Edwards signs. They are now up in our front yard, and Matt and I are considering taking bets how long they'll be there.

We've already had a county commissioner sign stolen (that's right, COUNTY COMMISSIONER) this year, and our 4'x8' Wellstone sign disappeared three days before the crash.

We're some of the first people in the county to get a sign. There's been a huge holdup because, as I understand it, the signs are being printed in a central location and distributed across the state. That's right, ONE printing house is doing ALL the work. Isn't that useful?

Joe would have none of it. He ordered some of his own signs from the union printer in the next town, paid for it all himself, and is now distributing them. They aren't the 4'x8' signs, but are 2'x3' and look just fine.


  1. no wonder i don't have one yet. i told the campaign that i lived on a busy minneapolis street and that i'd love one in *june*. yeesh!

  2. Moral of the story: Don't rely on the DFL to get anything done.

  3. Signs? Like in your own yard? Telling which guys you'll vote for? Actually making a statement? How very un-Swedish in Swede country. :-)

  4. Catarina, yeah, but we apologize to the neighbors about them, so that's OK. :p