Friday, September 17, 2004

Compassionate Conservatism, Part X

A windstorm blew through two days ago. On Tuesday, it was sunny and 80. On Wednesday, it was 60 and rainy with a constant swirling wind. It tore the pull-ties and bent the rebar on our Kerry/Edwards signs. One blew away; a friend of ours found it but didn't tell us where.

Last night the whole family went down by the road to put the signs up again. It was a beautiful fall evening, warm and chilly at the same time. The horses walked with us down the driveway, keeping a careful eye on the 4'x8' sign that might swoop up by itself and attack them (which it just about did, on the windy day).

John and Maia played under the signs while Matt readjusted the rebar. I held a sign and watched my family.

A brand-new Ford Explorer went by. It was going fairly slowly; it had turned off the gravel road onto the road in front of our house and was just starting to accelerate. Two men were in the front seats. One made eye-contact with me and flipped me off.

Me and my family in the front yard. Kids playing. My neighbor drives by and flips me off. NICE!

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  1. In looking at the Hurricane aftermath photos on our local news site.. I noticed one picture of a pile of boats smashed up against each other.. and amidst them in perfect condition was a sign. "Kerry for President".

    Hmmm. :)