Monday, September 20, 2004

A Change of Mind

Master Baiter has put up his offering for this year's election. I saw it yesterday as I was driving to the grocery store. He built a full-size outhouse on his lawn, complete with the crescent-shaped hole in the door. On the top is a sign:

Where's Kerry?
And Edwards?
The White House
The "JOHN'S" Will BUILD!

The outhouse itself is blindingly white.

His signs used to make me mad. But this one made me laugh out loud as I was driving. The difference, I think, is because of the effort he made to come and talk to us.

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  1. Wow Krupskaya, I love your blog! I also think it's funny you are Edit Barn and I am Secret Farm. I hope you didn't try to get Secret Farm. I don't even have a large yard, and you actually have horses, lucky duck!

    I love the way you write about your children. I think they are VERY lucky. They obviously have parents that will let them be whoever they want and help them reach their full creative potential. I wish I had that. I guess I turned out ok, and creative despite the creative desert I was brought up in, but I can't help but wonder what it would have been like.

    Anyway, keep up the great work! And the cool politics out there in the "red" territory.