Thursday, August 05, 2004

Three Words

Maia has started saying two-word sentences, which is a milestone in childhood development. She started a couple of weeks ago, and has been adding sentences almost daily.

A few common phrases:

"All done broom" means "I see we have arrived at our destination safely and are preparing to disembark from the vehicle." ("Broom" means car, possibly an imitative sound of Matt's diesel truck.)

"Dahn -- seepy?" means "I note my brother is not here. This can only mean that he has retired for the night; am I correct?"

"Moy doos" means "My cup is empty and I would appreciate it if someone refilled it with juice." A one-word alternative is "numbnuts," which for some reason means "I'm thirsty; where is my sippy cup?"

"Nak! Pees!" means "I am in need of nourishment -- not a full meal, just a little something, if you please."

She made a leap yesterday and risked a three-word sentence. We had just gotten home from day care and were walking into the house. I saw a cake pan outside filled with rainwater and bubble solution. I tipped the pan to empty it so Maia couldn't play in it; in doing so, I spilled much of it on my boot.

"Boot! Wet!" she cried as I held the door open for her.

"That's right!" I said. "My boot is wet. I spilled some water on it."

"Mess," Maia observed.

"Yeah, I made a mess on my boot. Mama's boot is all wet."

For some reason, that last sentence caught her. "Boot, wet," she said mournfully. But then stopped. "Mama, boot," she added tentatively.

"Yes," I said. "Mama's boot. Mama's boot is all wet."

It's a simple sentence, and a simple idea. "Mama" modifies "boot." "Wet" modifies "boot," which is "mama's." It's not just any boot, it's Mama's boot. And now it's wet.

The three concepts overwhelmed her. She laughed out loud. She stopped walking, so she could devote all her strength to this new thought, this new way of thinking.

"Mama. Boot," she said. "Boot. Wet. Mama! Mama boot!"

She sat down, clearly because she had stopped thinking about standing. She looked up at me and said with triumph: "Mama boot WET!"



  1. Anonymous10:25 PM


    I remember when she was just born and fresh, and now she's all toddly and speaking in sentences.

    *snif* how time flies...