Monday, August 23, 2004

Swing-State Living

John Kerry will be visiting Minnesota yet again this week. Bush was here last week. I was thinking about going to the protest against Bush, but a variety of things kept me from going. Matt went, though, and got in a few faces.

I was thinking out loud about going to see Kerry, when Matt said, "I think you should. Take John to a happy rally for once, instead of an angry one."

He's right. I've been taking the kids to rallies and protests for years, but lately, they've all been angry ones -- we marched in February 2003 with millions around the world against war in Iraq. We marched the day war was declared. We've protested Bush's work here in Minnesota many times.

John has made a couple of his own signs. One says "No war" and has a big happy face on it -- he worried, when he drew it, that by using a happy face, people might think he was FOR war, instead of against it.

Another one says "No Bush. Bush go home. Bush is 3." The ultimate insult from a five-year-old.

The last fun rallies we went to were for Paul Wellstone. He knew John by name and when he saw him at rallies, he'd call "Hi, John!" from the podium, and then push through the crowd to hug him.

Our political work has been hard and angry since 2002. This week we'll take a little break and cheer for instead of work against.

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