Tuesday, August 31, 2004

State Fair Thoughts

It really is the end of summer. John goes off to kindergarten tomorrow morning. Here are some things we accomplished at the Fair:

• John got a t-shirt from the smooth jazz radio station he loves. BIG thrill there. He immediately changed into it.

• I won NOTHING. @#$%!&* East German judges. I'm already plotting for next year.

• $30 worth of ride tickets goes slightly slower on Kids' Day. Not much slower, but a little slower.

• We saw Walter Mondale. Very cool.

• Maia went on her first carousel ride. She was gripped the pole tightly, then began to shake with fear as the horse moved up and down. After one down-up, she was screaming with laughter and joy. I wish I'd brought my camera, but that face will be in my mind forever, really.

• John found a ride he loved, too, called Flying Tigers, and his undiluted fun was wonderful to see.

• John bought, with his own money, a pink fluffy glittery stuffed unicorn with a silvery glittery collar. He can't decide whether to name her Pink or Silver.

• We ended the day with a nice slow ride on the skyride. Perfect.

• Mini-donuts, corn dog, fries and pop. No nutritional redemption whatsoever.

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  1. that post makes me crave a funnel cake.