Monday, August 09, 2004

Pie Wagon Post Script

Really, this isn't about Ann Coulter. In fact, if you read it carefully, it doesn't even have to be about her words. This can taken as a heartwarming description of a trip to the dentist.

John lost his first tooth without incident in May, his right bottom front middle tooth (which I believe is the scientific term for it). A couple of weeks ago, I was examining the left bottom front middle tooth for signs of looseness, and realized that the adult tooth had erupted about an eighth of an inch behind the baby tooth, shark-style.

Well, that was just a little weird. So we made an appointment to see the dentist today. After a shockingly fast cleaning ("Not a lot of scaling on kids!" the hygenist said cheerfully), John was sent home with a new toothbrush, a fake-crystal bracelet from the treasure chest, and instructions to "wiggle and twist" the tooth until it comes out (not in front of Mom, of course).

While we were waiting for John to go in, we read "Clifford at the Circus," which outlined the adventures of the big red dog and Emily Elizabeth when they attended the circus. Apparently it was Failure Day under the Big Top as an elephant was sick, the Human Cannonball ran out of gunpowder, and Clifford sniffed some cotton candy -- and holders! -- up his nose.

The clowns needed help as well, so Clifford obligingly dressed up and put on some makeup to lend a paw. We turned the page to see him as a clown, and there it was. A pie wagon. A real, live pie wagon, in color. It's where clowns get their whipped-cream pies to throw at each other! I know this now because it even had "pie wagon" emblazoned on the side in an appropriately circus-y typeface.

It wasn't hirsute, though, so I can't tell you how that would look.


  1. Er, a little off topic but... clowns are just wrong. And I'm disappointed in Clifford for not knowing this, actually.

  2. The picture that was even more alarming than Clifford as a clown was Clifford growling at the lions and tigers to get them to perform. If I were four, I'd be nervous.