Thursday, August 26, 2004

One Dead, One Wounded

People who work against abortion rights, who call themselves "pro-life," often use the phrase "one dead, one wounded" to describe a woman who's had an abortion. I think it describes, quite nicely, what is happening to the families in this country because of Bush's ill-conceived, fraudulent war.

Yesterday in Florida, a man was told his son had been killed in Iraq. A couple of Marines had driven to the father's house in a van, to tell him in person. When he found out, he took some gasoline and lit the Marines' van on fire. Then he climbed inside.

His son was on his second tour to Iraq. They were immigrants, although the son was born in the States. According to news accounts, the man was distraught during his son's first tour, ecstatic when the boy returned.

Damage beyond the blasts.

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  1. Bush says he is Pro-Life. I guess his stance only applies to unborn babies. Pro-Life would be anti-killing of any humanity, not just unborn children.

    I think these "pro-life" republicans are a bunch of hypocrites.