Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Economic Terrorism

I saw an interesting fact today from the UFCW. Again, I haven't figured out how to format quotes, so here it is just laid out:

"In 1970, the country's largest employer was General Motors, with 350,000 workers. Overwhelmingly union, they earned $17.50 an hour plus health, pension and vacation benefits and cost-of-living increases."

Do you know what the country's largest private non-governmental employer is? Many people don't. Again from the UFCW:

"Today, the country's largest employer is Wal-Mart, with over 1 million US workers. They earn an average hourly wage of $8.00, with no defined benefit pension, and inadequate health care."

We're hearing a lot about terrorism, especially with the localized, better-late-than-never Orange Alert. We're hearing about how "they" hate "us" and want to smash our economic system, because it's symbol of our success and represents the freedom, opportunity and beauty that define America.

I say, smash away. Suppressing wages and busting unions is economic terrorism. Wal-Mart, by paying $8 an hour and short-changing people on health care, is waging war on this nation. Low wages and people relying on public health are going to bring this nation down a lot sooner and faster than a couple of airplanes in a couple of towers. The results will reach farther and be more devastating than we can imagine. It's starting now.


  1. So very scary and so very true!

  2. Hear hear! Krup speaks the truth!