Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Anticipated Absence

You, the blog reader, should immediately click upon the "next blog" button at the top of the screen, so as to avoid reading further on this blog. I am about to call attention to a collection of books full of disturbing accounts that make for unpleasant reading. To avoid despair, please turn off your computer and find something more cheerful to do with your time, like learning about snails.

I found out yesterday that Lemony Snicket's new book, The Grim Grotto, will unfortunately be released on September 21. If you have not read any books in the Series of Unfortunate Events, then I suggest that you do not start. If you have, then you may share in my feelings of despair of having to read more of the tragic adventures of the Beaudelaire children.

I will likely not blog on September 21. I'll have my nose in a book.

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