Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Another Mystery

Calling all birders!

We have a mystery bird at the Edit Barn. It is shy and wily, but noisy. We haven't gotten close enough to even see how big it is. At sunset, it begins to call. About every 10 seconds or so, it gives a shriek. Sort of a "wheek!" But sometimes it changes. "Whar. Whrack. Wheet? Wheek!"

Imagine that, every 10 seconds, all night long. All. Night. Long. The bird seems to kind of circulate on the property, sticking to the high trees. It stops right around sunrise.

It sounds like a large bird. There's a lot of power behind it. It sounds like a raptor. But what non-owl calls all night long?

Any ideas?


  1. Nope, they make that kind of gurgling sound: Lesser nighthawk.

  2. Howdy -
    The Walmart post I read wouldn't allow a comment for some reason (?) so I thought I'd try commenting here...
    That bird you describe (by sound only)...think I heard that same bird in Iowa last week...sounds kind of demented, definitely persistent...sort of like maybe some kind of water fowl...(except not much water around...certainly not wetlands)...a mystery.

    On to Walmart: I actually shopped in a Walmart for the very first time ever in my life last was a sucess as far as that go (great $18 shoes I would otherwise not have been able to afford). Kind of heartbreaking though...considering how friendly and helpful the "associates" were...and I now know a bit about their working conditions, and their lousy pay.
    Amazing how well the store - masks the corruption hidden underneath.
    Apparently another store somewhere in Saskatchewan has followed the Quebec example. Guess the fact they're Canadian locations somewhat diminishes the impact overall...still, I'm rooting for them!


    just let me laugh when it's funny
    and when it's sad, let me cry

  3. Hmmm. Here in the south we hear birds all night long too. Not sure what kinds they are either, and they don't make really awful noises, just kind of eerie to me to hear a bird song in the middle of the night. heh.

  4. It almost seems like it's a screech owl.

    But.. that's what the Fish says, as he reads over my shoulder.

  5. I know this bird. Please extend to him my thanks for his lengthy nighttime solo performances. His persistence and loud shrillness are truly remarkable. I couldn't help listening all night long. Many nights in a row. If you could also give him my regrets that there's no room for him to stay here on his next roadtrip, I'd be grateful. I do know a local Republican incumbent, though, who I am sure would appreciate his talents. Before November is best.

  6. Blue Lily, LMAO! If he moved away from you, perhaps he'll move away from us, as well.

    Fish and Me, it's not a screech owl (I've bene compulsively clicking on birdsond wavs the last few days). Not tremulous; definitely more a loud, high croak.

    Nightkitchen, it DOES kind of sound like a water bird. There is a large pond in the next section, but that doesn't explain why the bird likes to hang out on OUR property.

    The first night we heard it, we thought it was a young hawk that had fallen out of the nest -- it's got the same kind of squawking scream a hawk does, but it did it a lot more aften.

    The mystery continues...

  7. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I live in Cass County Iowa surrounded by corn fields. Sounds tend to stand out. I've been hearing what sounds very much like the same bird for perhaps two weeks now. Like a shrill whistle or screetch repeated over and over every few seconds. There is often an answering call not far in the distance. Tonight at 1AM it sounds like it's in my front yard. Belive it or not I find it hard to sleep to this bird's song. And thinking that others may have had a similar experience I ended up here. I'm not sure why I feel knowing the name of this night time romancer would help me sleep better. But I'm hoping. Or at least when my two dogs and I all jump up at the same time I'll be able to say it's ok pups it's just that "@#%#$" bird go back to sleep.

  8. Anonymous, it's been over two years since I first posted this and I still don't know what kind of bird it is. But I've since moved away from the original area and haven't heard it where I am now.

    I've driven through Cass Co. MANY times, however.

  9. I agree, though -- even if I knew what it was, that would make listening to it easier.