Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Are You Done Yet?

I'm in an organization I hate. I'm not sure that's such a good use of my time.

More specifically, I hate the other people in it. County-level politics are messy. They're petty, and stupid, and go no farther than the short-term. People take things personally. I am so proud of the DFL -- its history, its politics and politicians, its accomplishments -- and it infuriates me to see everything it stands for taken for granted at the county level.

This is a guarded rant. No one I'm writing about will ever see this, of course. But it wouldn't help my standing if it were.

In any case, the monthly meeting is tonight. I'll go, and we'll natter about the war in Iraq, and spend five minutes talking about what our lame candidate for state house is doing, and what our ineffectual committees are doing.

I want this party to work. I see now I'm still hurt because this unit said it didn't want me.

The other problem is that while I want the party to work, I want the candidate to fail. So I guess I'm doing my own part to bring down the party, as well.

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