Friday, June 18, 2004

A Room in Hell

Frog thought up an awesome meme -- What does your room in hell look like?

This takes some thought -- mostly about what I most despise and fear. So here goes.

My Room in Hell is small and dark. It smells like a damp basement. I am in bare feet and the floor is made of cold, wet cement of a kind that large bugs seem to love. It is not level and there is no place to sit down.

Mostly I noticed how very, very alone I am. I realize that everything I've ever loved or worked for is gone -- and I mean gone as in nowhere, not somewhere else without me. That is one of my biggest fears; that there really isn't a point, that people who love each other never find each other again, and that the cosmic justice I hope for never really happens.

Even though I know I'm alone, I hear a baby crying. I am sure it's a recording because after awhile it loops, but it still bothers me.

Even though I know I'm alone, I get the feeling on the back of my neck that someone's about to put his hand there. I can't shake this feeling.

Even though I know I'm alone, I hear voices, maybe upstairs, or in the next room, and I know somehow that whoever is talking has no idea I'm there. Perhaps they put me here and even then they've forgotten.

Well, now that's a cheerful way to start the day.


  1. What? No flocked wallpaper?

  2. No way -- that's my bathroom in heaven! Four different colors, one for each wall.

    At least one will be metallic as well. Silver with a white flocked pattern, perhaps. [luxuriates]