Wednesday, June 30, 2004


So I didn't get the job mentioned two weeks ago. I just got a phone call from one of the people I interviewed with, who left a long message apologizing for not getting back to me sooner.

The person they hired had 16 years of experience in weekly newspaper publishing. Sixteen years! Maybe I'm just bitter, but I find that suspicious.

I didn't even want that job anymore, but that phone call made me sad. Especially because now I'm off to the bookstore to make lattes.


  1. Well, yeah. But I'm more disappointed on a "still-unemployed" level, not a that-particular-job level.

    I'm still hung up on the 16 years thing. That sounds more like a character flaw to me. Says the woman who had seven employers, plus herself, not including freelance clients, in 10 years.