Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Red Letter Day

Matt's started his new job today. Unfortunately, it involves a 90-minute (one way!) commute. The good news is, he's building a high school -- a nice, long, clean job.

I have my interview in a couple of hours. I'm realizing I should have done laundry last night.

Instead, last night I boiled up the lime marmalade. I overcooked it and now I have clodges of overboiled marmalade in mason jars. It's more like chewy lime candy. I haven't tasted it yet -- maybe it'll soften up in the microwave.

Frog needs to post a recipe for sweet cream biscuits because they sound awesome.


  1. Your wish is my command, Krup. Posted here: http://feministfoodies.blogspot.com/

  2. Ohh, they look delish.

    Today at daycare the kids had biscuits-from-a-can sprinkled with cinammon sugar, and I just about raided the kitchen for one. Simple recipes rock.