Thursday, May 27, 2004

What is this Edit Barn of which you speak?

What you'll find here:

• Nauseatingly cute kid stories.
• Worn-out slogans for outdated political stances.
• Dogmatic solidarity-to-the-point-of-blindness with unions.
• Unquestioning support for various sports teams.
• Lukewarm feminist theory.
• Jumping on the bandwagon.

Why Edit Barn?

I edit to the point of pain. I edit commercials. I edit books I read. I edit professionally and compulsively. I can't not edit. I have been asked if I edit in the barn. If there are words in the barn, they're edited.

What barn?

The barn dates back to the 1930s. It was a dairy barn up to about seven years ago. It now houses cats, mice, swallows and an aging Arabian horse. It is white with dark gray shingles, has a cow wind vane, and is in good shape. We have a red-brick silo, too, with a white-brick pattern along the top that I am sure is the prettiest in the county.

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